Sadie’s Sandias


What a surprise it was to find this mural of the Sandia Mountains in Sadie’s Restaurant.

I know, I know.  Being an Albuquerque native, it’s hard to believe I have never eaten at Sadie’s New Mexican Restaurant until now.  Of course, I know of the restaurant’s gastro legacy, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I was a patron of this long-standing establishment.

We only happened by this North Valley restaurant by chance.  While we were enjoying an alternate route home south along 4th Street, wishing it were earlier in the day so that I could have checked out a few of the antique shops, we started to get hungry for dinner.

I saw it there on the east side of the road, like a margarita mirage.  Finally, it was time for me to savor Sadie’s.   Passing through the grand entrance, I truly felt the “bienvenidos.”  Once we were inside what used to be a bowling alley, we were warmly greeted by the hostess, as well as the family photos along the wall.

Once seated, I was delighted to see the lovely mural of the Sandia Mountains along the back wall, adding to the charming character and hometown feel of the large dining room.  I enjoyed seeing the other patrons who appeared to be local families.  And, just like at many other restaurants in Albuquerque, it wasn’t too busy on this Tuesday evening.

We ordered a house margarita, which did a fair job at extinguishing the spicy salsa.  I was pleased to see an ala carte menu amongst the typical massive combination plates of New Mexican delights.  I went with chicken enchilada, red.  The blue-corn tortilla was stuffed with perfectly prepared chicken.  And the red chile was hot enough to make my belly warm, but not too hot to scorched by lips.

Of course, as it should be, the perfect ending to my Sadie’s initiation was a basket of warm and soft sopapillas.


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