Weekly Photo Challenge: Love my home!


There are a variety things that make us New Mexicans feel like we’re home.  Many would say the food — and once that chile sauce graces your taste buds, you’ll completely understand.

After living out of state for 12 years, my sense of what makes New Mexico home expanded to include the multicultural melting pot, the smiles of people’s sun kissed faces, the desert landscape, and rooting for the hometown team.

When I think of a single icon of home, my mind immediately imagines the towering Sandia Mountains over Albuquerque — especially when they turn shades of pink and purple each evening at sunset.  I am blessed to now experience the views of the mountains just about every day and all the colors that are revealed. But when the simple, clear blue sky provides the backdrop to those watermelon-colored hills, that’s when I feel the strongest sense of home.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love my home!

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