Windswept Mountainside


A backside view of the Sandias traveling south on I-25. It was a windy day and the sky was hazy with blowing sand. Ah, spring in Albuquerque!

This is not my favorite time of year in New Mexico.  In fact, I tell me friends to wait a few more months before they come to visit the Land of Enchantment.  You never know what kind of weather you’re going to get in the spring.

It’s the first day of March and it’s only a little breezy outside today.  I’m not sure if this day is one for the Lion or one for the Lamb, but I am dreading the arrival of those brutally windy days that the high dessert is known for and when it’s dangerous to wear anything that flows.

Earlier this week, I wanted to head out and take some pretty pictures of the snow-covered mountains. The winds at my house were just starting to pick up when I departed, but soon enough the skies filled with haze and sand.  Ugh.  Traveling up to Santa Fe there were a few moments of brown-out, scary conditions.  Half way to the City Different, I changed my mind about a photo shoot, turned back around and asked the wind to blow me back home.

I will try to keep a positive attitude as we cope with these imminent blustery days, and instead try to think happy thoughts of how the pollen is being spread to the flowers and trees that will soon bloom.


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