Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details


In this detailed photo, you’ll see the two tram cars just passing each other at the midway point of the 3-mile trek up the mountainside.


Look closely and you’ll see the cables of the Sandia Peak Tram. On the left, there is a blue tower with one of the tram cars traveling up toward the structure. Another car is in the middle of the span, making its way down the mountainside.

One of Albuquerque’s claims to fame is the Sandia Peak Tram that spans across the front of the mountainside, taking the tram’s passengers from the foothills to the hill top that measures about 10,000 feet above sea level.

I used to take the three-mile tram frequently years ago when I had a ski pass at Sandia Mountain (which is on the backside of the hill).  Of course, that was during the wet years.  Unfortunately, this year the ski mountain closed mid-February because of the lack of snow.

Once atop Sandia Peak, the views of the the city and the Rio Grande river valley are incredible.  And during the summer times, there are great hiking trails to explore.

From our living room view of the mountains, there is a particular time of day that allows us to see the tram cables and the cars that dangle on the side of Sandias.  This morning at about 9:00 am,  I was able to capture a photo of those tram cars traveling across the jagged mountainside.  It’s a special detail that is often hard to see, but if you’re patient, it’s fun to witness.


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