Phone-o-grahpy Challenge: My Neighborhood


Cholla cacti and adobe walls are plentiful in our neighborhood.


Pueblo-style architecture is one of the many highlights when visiting New Mexico. The flat roofs, blue wooden doors, and various colors of stucco make our neighborhood enchanting!

When I go for walks around the neighborhood or up into the nearby trails, I always take my phone for safety purposes.  Although, another reason is to try and capture the scenery of the Sandia foothills with my camera phone.

When WordPress offered up a “phoneography” challenge with the theme of “My Neighborhood,” I was looking forward to crafting a response.

On many of my Weekly Watermelon photos, I typically crop out the roof tops of my neighbors’ houses.  But this week I am able to show off some the unique Southwestern architecture with the Sandia Mountains as a backdrop.  And as you’ll see, the tan adobe walls provide for a beautiful contrast against the clear blue skies.


One thought on “Phone-o-grahpy Challenge: My Neighborhood

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