The Road Home


The Sandia Mountains make their appearance as we travel east along I-40. 


From the passenger seat, I captured these photos through the windshield. Notice how the Interstate continues up and over the rolling hills.

After a week’s vacation in Arizona, we were looking forward to getting home to New Mexico. There are many beautiful sights to see along I-40 and Route 66 as travelers cruise east from the Grand Canyon State to the Land of Enchantment.  And at about 130 miles beyond the Arizona state line, you start to see the Sandia Mountains peaking over the mesas of Cibola County.

The nearer you approach Albuquerque, the more you see the range fill the horizon.  The best time to see this beautiful sight is just before dusk and the peaks turn their pinkish hue while the city lights start to sparkle (that’s when you break out singing “Oh, the lights of Albuquerque shine for me tonight…”). However, during this late afternoon trek, we simply enjoyed the tan and grey hills make their appearance against the blue skies and wispy white clouds.  Ah, to be home at last.


The Rio Grande Valley and the City of Albuquerque come into full view.


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