Weekly Challenge: Iconic

A view of the iconic Sandia Mountains from my backyard.

A view of the iconic Sandia Mountains from my backyard.

For us Burquenos, the Sandia Mountains are one of the most striking icons that tower over our fair city.  When you see a picture of these peaks in any medium, and you’ll instantly recognized the unique geology.

Being that their namesake is a fruit – sandia is Spanish for watermelon – the most iconic image is when the mountains are soaked in pink lighting at sunset.

Throughout the city, there are many things bearing the Sandia name — from Indian tribes to local charity organizations and from high schools to banks.  Local businesses feature murals of the mountains in their establishments (read my blog about Sadie’s Sandias) and tourists flock to the hillside to ride the Sandia Peak Tram to the summit of the 10,000-foot hill (read more about the Tram in my Lost in the Details blog entry).

The Sandias provide a backdrop for our day-to-day activities.  Children play at the base of the hills, people commute home with the peak in their rearview mirrors, and at the end of the day we can’t wait to see what the peaks will look like at sunset.

Albuquerque’s Sandia Mountains remind its residents daily of the beauty of our hometown and of life itself.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Iconic

    • Thanks so much Jeffree. How wonderful to meet a local writer. Now I’ll go out an find one of your books … sounds intriguing! I’m always looking for a good New Mexico book.

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