Weekly Photo Challenge: Winds of Change

Image 2

Dust from an afternoon wind storm fills the sky.

Springtime in New Mexico is one of my least favorite times of year because that’s when the winds kick into high gear.  With all that desert dust in the air, it sometimes masks the Sandia Mountains and you can barely make out the peaks.  Typically the mornings are very nice and sunny and then right around lunch time, the breezes pick up and soon there are 30-40 mph winds.  Hold on to your hats!

Although, I try to put a positive spin on things.  The winds arrive to help provide a mode of transportation for all that pollen and seed, right? Ahhhh… choo.  Sometimes the winds bring spring rains, and as they say, April showers bring May flower.  As the trees, flowers and plants are germinated we will soon experience botanical beauty.

At times the gusts are so strong, the house will rattle and pop.  However, the gentle breezes aren’t so bad as they gently shake the neighbor’s wind chimes and it can be soothing to hear the winds move through the trees and bushes.

Ahhh… spring in New Mexico.


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