Weekly Photo Challenge: Thumbs Up!


THE THUMB is a large fin-shaped formation on the west side
of the Sandia Mountains. “Like”

This week’s challenge:  Share a picture which means UP to you. 

Well, I learned something new today while conducting research about the various distinct formations of the Sandia Mountains.  What I always thought was referred to as “The Thumb” along the range, is really known as “The Needle.”

It was a wee bit disappointing to realize I’ve been inaccurate for so long (notice, I didn’t really admit I was “wrong”).  Although, at the same time, I’m happy to have learned a number of new things about my beloved hills.

I discovered this information on a great website called SummitPost.org.  For those also interested in learning more about the Sandia Mountain formations, as well as great hiking and climbing trails, I encourage you to visit www.summitpost.org/sandia-mountains

So, Thumbs Up to the contributors of SummitPost!  Thanks for the clarification.


This is a photo that highlights THE NEEDLE rock formation of the Sandia Mountains, which I have long mistakenly thought was the Thumb.


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