Summertime in the Sandias Rocks


Lava ROCKS with a Sandia Mountain backdrop

I’ll blame it on the lazy days of summer and apologize for the extended vacation from my “weekly” watermelon postings.

Forgive me readers, for it’s been one month since my last posting.  However, that’s not to say that the Sandia Mountains haven’t proven complementary during that time.

One of the most memorable foothill adventures a few weeks ago with the grandkids was a trail hike in the Petroglyph National Monument. This is one of my favorite spots in New Mexico to explore and I was thrilled that the little tikes wanted to learn more about volcanoes. During your exploration, you can find hundreds of designs and symbols that were made hundred of years ago in the black volcanic.  And once you hike to the top of these mesas sculpted by ancient lava flows, if you look east across the Rio Grande Valley you’ll see the Sandia in the distance.


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