Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Point of View

While many people who visit Albuquerque and partake in the popular Sandia Peak Tram, I imagine the views during the 2-mile ride may not seem that “unusual.”  It’s an attraction —  just like seeing any of the sights during a road trip to a new place.

Now that I’ve been regularly photographing the Sandia landscape for nearly 10 months, to see the mountains more closely from the Tram admittedly felt a bit unusual for me.  While I’ve certainly attempted new points of view (POVs) from various times of day, angles and elevations, photography from inside the tramcar was a surreal experience.

Those familiar rock formations and features that I’d captured from afar, were now in my face.  It was like a whole new world that was a little too up close and personal.  I tend to be more of a “big picture” thinker and that’s how I feel about my mountains.  I’d rather step back and take in all in.

Below are the photos I took form inside the Sandia Peak Tram (hence the glare of the windows).  Next I encourage you to take a moment to look at my previous entries and see what you think of this new and Unusual POV.

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