Weekly Photo Challenge x2: Windows and Family

I think am I so clever being able to combine two challenges in one. Last week’s photo challenge was “window” — it wasn’t a new challenge for me as windows have been featured previously in the postings Habit and Inside.  When the challenge this week popped up, I remembered fondly all the  summertime parties we had last year with family and friends and the Sandias always as our backdrop.

The photos below highlight a special day in May when we hosted my sister’s baby shower.  It was a lovely afternoon in Albuquerque and our family and close friends were celebrating the anticipated arrival of the newest addition to the family. In addition to the familiar background, you will also see how the mountains were reflected in the windows in various snap shots of parents, siblings, cousins and friends.

Well, our precious Baby Jack arrived in June and I can’t wait for him to visit Auntie Karli’s house in the summers to come so we too can play in the backyard. I will be able to show him my treasured view of the Sandia Mountains.


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