FOREver Beautiful

My husband and I are avid golfers.  When we travel, we always enjoy finding a local course and spending the day outside admiring our surroundings out on the fairways and greens.

Part of the reason we enjoy golfing here in our hometown of Albuquerque is because we can soak up the views and different perspectives of the Sandia Mountains.

This weekend our friends were in town for a visit and some golf.  We were pleased that we could  share the beautiful vistas while having a little fun on the course. These views are from the Twin Warriors Golf Club :

The course has beautiful grassy knolls and ridges dotted with juniper and piñon pines.  Arroyos and eroded land features, along with the sacred butte known as Tuyuna, complete a picture framed by spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains.

Rich history and heirlooms of former inhabitants, dating back to the 13th century, punctuate the course layout from the ancient cave next to the 15th tee box to the abandoned horse corral off the 17th fairway.  A dormant volcano rests in the background and the signature 4th hole showcases the largest golf course water exhibit in the state with a cascading waterfall.



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